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Putting feet up on subway seats is costly in New York

A man in an angel costume waits for the subway to participate in the Carnival parade in Duesseldorf, Germany on Feb. 20.

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Lounging on the New York subway with feet up on the seats was costly to lazy riders fined by the city last year, police said on Jan. 10.

More than 7,000 riders on New York City subway trains were ticketed last year for putting feet on the seats or otherwise taking up too much space, under a law that makes bad manners a crime.

The offenses, which ranged from putting a bag on a seat to blocking a door to stretching out for a nap, carry US$50 (about NT$1,500) fines, police said.

In all, 7,373 riders were issued tickets in 2011 for being unable to confine themselves to a single seat. The law making such behavior illegal was passed seven years ago.

While the offences may seem benign, the New York Police Department said enforcement has made the subway safer.

It is not unusual for police to find that someone they have stopped for poor subway etiquette has an outstanding arrest warrant, said police spokesman Paul Browne.










1. confine v.

約束;限制;臥床 (yue1 shu4; xian4 zhi4; wo4 chuang2)

例: He was confined to bed by illness.


2. etiquette n.

禮節;禮儀;成規 (li3 jie2; li3 yi2; cheng2 gui1)

例: According to etiquette, you should stand up to meet a guest.


3. arrest warrant n. phr.

逮捕令 (dai2 bu3 ling4)

例: During the Egyptian 2011 revolution, the authorities issued arrest warrants for several human rights activists. (埃及二○一一年革命期間,政府曾對多位人權人士發布逮捕令。)

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