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Broadway show Dancing Diva to boost Taiwan’s tourist industry
《臺灣舞孃》百老匯秀 要替台灣觀光增亮點

From left to right, Dancing Diva executive director Monica Chiu, dancer Serina Liu, executive producer Jerry Fan, and director Hsu Chieh-hui pose for a group photograph at a press conference marking the establishment of the production team of the show at the Sheraton Taipei Hotel last Thursday.

Photo courtesy of Dancing Diva

The production team of the NT$100 million show Dancing Diva was officially established last Thursday. The ambitious lineup includes career specialist Monica Chiu as the executive director, advertising professional Jerry Fan as the executive producer, actor Hsu Chieh-hui as the director, and dancer Serina Liu, dubbed “Asian dancing queen,” as the principle actress. The show, which is likely to be staged within a year and will be Taiwan’s first Broadway-style tourist spectacular, is expected to generate a considerable amount of business, and increase the value of the Taiwanese creative-arts tourist industry’s output. Dancing Diva is a combination of seven thematic shows with a distinct Taiwanese flavor, and will be suitable for audiences of all ages. Not only is it to showcase Taiwan’s strengths in the creative arts, said Fan, it will also be touted as a must-see show for every visitor to Taiwan. The cast will be announced soon.

Executive director Chiu wrote on her Facebook page last Wednesday, “My life has changed a lot over the last two years.” Indeed, Chiu, who used to be marketing director for 104 Job Bank, quit her job as deputy manger for Yes123, another online human resource company, at the beginning of January. Today she sees her 18th career-related book published, and is now working in the performing arts. In other words, she has shifted from helping people seek jobs to creating jobs for people. Given Chiu’s background, people may wonder what sort of ingenuity is to be seen in Chiu’s first work in performing arts.

As for actor Hsu, a lot of people had been wondering what he would do next after leaving the wildly popular political celebrity imitated show The Largest Political Party last November. The answer is that he is now an actor-turned-director and has begun to work on Taiwan’s first “revolutionary” performing arts tourist event. Dancing Diva will be produced on a scale comparable to the New York production of The Phantom of the Opera, Impression West Lake in China’s Hangzhou, Zhejing Province, and the O show in Las Vegas, said Hsu, who wants to show visitors from all over the world the charming creativity of performing arts in Taiwan. Ringo Li, assistant professor in the Department of Tourism and Hospitality at Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology, said that he is happy to see tourist attractions like Dancing Diva, as it is just the kind of tourist extravaganza that tourist operators need at the moment.


1. ambitious adj.

有雄心的 (you3 xiong2 xin1 de5)

例: Bob is not at all ambitious. He just wants to lead a quiet life.


2. ingenuity n.

巧思 (qiao3 si1)

例: Solving tasks like this requires not only brains and experience but also ingenuity.


3. comparable adj.

比得上的;可比較的 (bi3 de2 shang4 de5; ke2 bi3 jiao4 de5)

例: I don’t think you can say these two products are even comparable. They are meant for completely different markets. (我不認為你能說這兩樣產品可相互比較。它們各屬兩個不同的市場。)

(Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times)





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